Analytics Meets Architecture - The Modern Design

I believe we are in a new era for Golf architecture and I think this is going to be one for the making. Analytics is going to mesh with the artist themselves.

I will explain.

And if you have not done so by now, our recent episode has us sitting down with the Brandel Chamblee! So go give it a listen! We dive in with Brandel in regards for his love of data and his new passion and project where he is teaming up with golf architect, Agustin Piza, to design the first course that gears towards women and especially the LPGA. Something along the lines of a TPC Sawgrass we see on today's PGA Tour.

This all recently released when the PGA basically announced that any tour but the PGA has lost their ability to practice and play when they arrive to the property. It sure brought a lot of steam to the players and even the fanbase of the golfing world. The PGA sure has been getting under a lot of people's skin lately including ETW, but we can talk about that another day. However, our 45 minute conversation with Brandel brought a new light on what golf architecture can be.

Brandel is a big data guy.

He basically geeks out when it comes to data and analytics revolving around golf. I will not go into further detail because you can go give it a listen for yourself. But one of the biggest things I personally took from it (and this being my opinion hence the blog) is trackman and its usage of the data.

One thing Brandel offers when it comes to Trackman and course design is that most courses that have been built were built towards one specific golfer and that is the PGA professional. Some of the data he gathers and and explains and I will briefly explain is the way you can utilize the numbers to design and build a specific course towards a group of players and their playing ability. I think that will be a huge turning point when it comes to golf architecture during our time and in the future.

Imagine the tracks that can be built that is challenging enough but rewarding at the same time for most of us average golfers? A lot of these course have been designed with the pro in mind and how they carry the ball and the numbers they produce. That is why I strongly believe that when the average golfer heads on a golf trip with their buddies to play some of top courses in the nation, they struggle even when they play the forward tees. Each tee box at a golf course sets up to play a different track even though you may be at the same course soley based on data and Trackman numbers especially launch angle and angles of descent.

Brandel can & does explain it in our latest episode. Go listen!

Again, Brandel, thank you for your time and edcuating Enjoy The Walk and those who have listened. We cannot wait to see this production come full circle. We are happy to be a part of it. Until then, Enjoy The Walk!


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