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Updated: May 20, 2020

2020 started out great! Everyone was in high spirits about what the year 2020 was going to bring to them or what they were going to make out of the year. Until that POS loser, COVID came in and basically destroyed the world for the time being. Listen, we are not going to let some viruses come in here and walk all over us. We will beat this thing and will eventually get back to a "new normal"! However, this virus has stopped a lot of things and one of the biggest things we all know and love is sports and LIVE sports! And especially GOLF! Every sport has been canceled or postponed for the unforeseeable future and that included golf. Until this past Sunday! The golf community and sports world were able to finally see live-action sports! No more reruns of Tiger's 2019 Master's win or full games of 90's basketball on YouTube. Have you had the change to watch "The Last Dance" yet? I suggest you do, but that can wait for another time. Anyway, Rickie, DJ, Rory, and the infamous Matthew Wolff teed it up this past Sunday for the Driving Relief challenge in order to raise money for those affected by COVID!

The format was going to be Rickie and Matt Wolff (Good ole OSU boys) vs. the long ball hitters DJ and Rory in a better ball skins match with each hole adding a dollar value and extra bonus for making birdies or better to raise money for COVID relief. Simple right; however, there was one major turn of events in my opinion. The event had to abide by the social distancing guidelines. So that meant no fans and especially no caddies! The boys had to go back to what we humans and regular weekend hacks do on the norm. Show up to your tee time, grab the range finder, and strap that bag to your back and get to walking! I thought that was the coolest part about the whole relief match besides tour pros coming together to help raise money for COVID. Golf in one of its purest forms. It brought the players back to their college and junior golf days. Where it all began for them and that was something special to watch. I think it really allowed the common golfer to relate the most with the pros. To me, it felt as if I was watching one of my weekend rounds with the boys but with just way better players.

And don't get me wrong, the boys were rusty! COVID golf has not only tampered with my play, but with some of the best in the world. I am talking sliced shots, thinned wedges, and even duffed chips around the greens! This was something you probably won't see too often and I was glad to able to experience this kind match. So thank you to the PGA tour and Taylormade for putting on this event and making something happen, however.....

The broadcasting SUCKED! Plain and simple! The PGA Tour somehow found a way to screw up another potential great event. I mean, the golf was good and the idea was great, but the broadcasting made it a snoozefest! I mean they mixed up each player in order to hear their thought process and trash talk while out on the golf course. Yet, the PGA Tour and Golf Channel decided to talk over the players and we barely got to hear anything they were saying. Then the entire golf Twitter world blew up talking about how bad and boring the announcers were during this whole thing.

I mean, I ever fell asleep for half of it! It legit took away the whole experience we all were trying to witness. Countless fans and even some top name golf social media personalities have mentioned numerous times that we need to see a change in golf broadcasting. Why couldn't you just let the tape roll and allow us to hear the players do their thing? What was the point of even micing up the players anyway? Except you had to bring on Bill Murray who couldn't figure how to work ZOOM! And let's not forget to bring on the Donald! Politics aside, but that had to be the most awkward interview during the event. I had to walk away!

One thing COVID has taught us is how to be creative and innovative during a crisis and time in need. How to figure out how to run normal operations when we are not allowed outside, yet golf broadcasting refuses to adapt! We need newer and younger people covering golf. Let the players talk and let us hear their thought process! We can learn so much from them as an avid golfer! You could possibly even gain a larger crowd and more people interested in the game! I mean seriously, how do you mess up a broadcast with this view!

ESPN reported that 2.35 million people tuned in to watch the relief match. Well....maybe that was because that was the only live sporting event on TV!!! I bet you 1.18 million people probably took a nap during that time. Golf Broadcasting, DO BETTER!

- Dante & Dalton

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