Golf Broadcasting is DEAD

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Has golf broadcasting lost its edge? I mean let’s face it, golf media has been tanking lately and sometimes I’d rather watch paint dry. After my usual Sunday game, I can’t wait to head home to relax and watch the final stretch of the PGA tour. However, I always seem to end up waking up to a winner holding a trophy. The Genesis Invitational just wrapped up and I strongly believe that the viewer missed out on a lot of good golf shots. I am sick of the PGA repeatedly showing putt after putt and then breaking to commercial. I swear that I watched an hour of the program and didn’t see a single shot off the tee or into the green. Why do I constantly want to watch some guy take a stroke on the putting green? It is the same every time. They pick their line, locate the break, and hit the putt in which you watch the ball roll on the ground and 9/10 times the ball ends up holed. And if they miss, you hear a loud “oh” and we are moving onto the next guy. And get this, the player is on another hole grinding out an 8-footer for par. Harold Varner III topped his tee shot on a drivable par 4! How did we not catch that on tape? As a viewer, I want to see guys hitting shots off the tee, but mainly watching them hit their approaches. That is where the common man golfer can really learn something from the pros. In my opinion, these are the shots that can showcase how one can score on the golf course. This is how one can learn how to get themselves out of trouble to put themselves in the best position to make par or even bogey and avoid the dreaded double. They always say that if you want to be the best, you must learn from the best. I can only learn from seeing so many putts on tv. I know putting is what gets it done, but I must get their first. Yet they want to continue broadcasting Tiger Woods.

I get Tiger is one of the greatest of all time and I am huge fan and want to see him get 83 and chase Jack’s major record, but you cannot continue to broadcast the man when he is completely out of the tournament. Tiger puts asses in the seats, and we get that, but give the other players a chance to get screen time and showcase their skills. Harold Varner III was right in contention before his blowup, but barley saw him. I didn’t want to see Tiger locating his ball because he couldn’t find it as it was wedged in a trashcan. Sorry Tiger, but not the hole in one we were looking for. So how do we fix this broken broadcasting? We need to bring a younger crowed inside the ropes. Someone who can relate better with the younger players. Let’s face it, the tour is getting younger and sports are getting younger. You see more sports in which the 30 year old is considered old. How can a 30 year old because considered old? If the average age of the human life is between 80 & 90, how can 30 be old? That individual still has 50 to 60 years left in his/her lifetime! No way 30 is old, And the way we are going, 30 is the new 20. I am not saying that those currently in the booth are old or boring, but I am. Golf broadcasting is boring, and we need more people to relate with the players and be more interactive. We need to get rid of this “old man” persona and “stuffiness” the game is said out to be. The game is more athletic and brings more joy to a younger crowd. Let’s’ make golf fun! And let’s make golf broadcasting great again!

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