Golf is SAFER than Grocery Food Shopping

So I am sitting here writing to you today as I recently read an article posted by Golf Digest with the title being "Playing golf during a pandemic might be safer. But is it Right?". Before even diving into the the article, my mouth dropped to the floor in confusion and anger. You've got to be kidding me! Are we really going to go down this rabbit hole and question our morals and conscious as if we should be able to go play golf during a pandemic? If the facility is open and you're in a state that considers golf essential, then why the hell not! We have discussed this before and golf is by far the best form of social distancing. I mean, you are literally on a property with thousands of acres probably in a remote area with not too many houses in sight. I feel safer on a golf course than going into a grocery store that is enclosed and filled with people and hands are being placed on all of the product. To the golf norm, only 4 players are allowed to a group and I will tell you this that it is very far in between where two golfers of the same group are hitting their ball next to each other on a par 4 that is 400 yards. Plus, most courses have excluded carts so walking is the only thing permitted so you are definitely keeping your social distance and staying 6 feet apart from each other. Let's not forget to mention the the flag sticks are meant to be kept in and courses have removed rakes from the bunkers so the only thing you are touching is your ball, clubs and bag. And let us not forget the creative ways courses are doing to the golf holes to keep you from touching the flag stick such as raising the cup, putting a pool noodle or PBC pipe in the hole that wraps around the flag stick and keeps the ball elevated. It allows you to still putt into a hole, but you do not have to worry about digging your hand into it to pull at the golf ball. Again, only thing you are touching, is your property. If this was true pandemic, we would legit be on lock down and no one would be able to leave their house. Not even for essential goods such as food and gas. We should even have the national guard patrolling the streets to make sure no one leaves in order to make this all go away of "lessen the curve". There should not even be a single person outside if you want to treat this as a pandemic. Complete and total lock down! But let's face it, we are humans and human beings are not meant to be cooped up in their homes like we committed a murder and now have life in prison. We are meant to be outside and we need our exercise. I swear Vitamin D is the best source of medicine and you can't obtain that by sitting inside ranting on a computer like I am. But with all said and done, if your state is open to play golf, then go out and play golf. You are practicing the best form of social distancing anyway so enjoy the walk. Rant over!

Article link below. Take a look and let us know your opinion.


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