Golf is on Lockdown! Or Is It?

The Coronavirus strikes again! More and more states are going into a lock-down state meaning only essential businesses are allowed to be open such as grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and a few others. NJ is one of them and that is where I currently reside. This past Saturday, the Governor on NJ issued a full lockdown and only essential businesses were allowed to be open. So you know who else decided to close their doors temporarily? Golf courses; that's who! Boy was I pissed, but I understood! I get we are trying to institute social distancing in order to stop the spread of this virus in order to get ourselves back to normal. However; wouldn't golf courses be the best place to practice social distancing?

I mean think about it. You're on a piece of property with hundreds if not thousands of acres with only 4 people to a group. And within that group, each golfer is more than 6 feet away from each other while they are chasing down that little white ball down 400-yard holes and moving onto the next one. Plus you are getting fresh air. I think fresh air and vitamin D are the best two things not only in general but especially during this time when you're in your house almost 24/7 trying not to rip your family apart. Families will soon butt heads, but I am not going down that rabbit hole. That will be for another possible post depending on how much further this goes. So if there is no golf, what the hell are we going to do?

To answer that, we must get creative. We as a community must stick together and help each other through this crisis. Now is the time to train an get better! We may not be on the golf course, but we can sure train to make sure we are better for that next time that we do step on the course. So what are some things we can do to help us get better? If you have the money, a home simulator would be the best option to get through COVID-19 crisis. So if any of you out there that has one at your place, give me a call and we can grind out some virtual rounds. I clean by the way. If you do not have that, maybe look into building or purchasing a net to hit into. This will allow you to work on swing mechanics and ball striking. You may not know where the ball is going but at least you are one step ahead of your competitor. Work on chipping and putting in your house or even in your back yard. Let's face it, short game is essential to having lower scores and taking money from your weekend group.

Golf fitness is another huge factor that can help you get through these tough times. You necessarily do not need actual weights and a lot can be done at home. In my opinion, mobility and, flexibility are some of the biggest key factors when it comes to golf fitness. All you need is some open flooring. Focus on the key stretches especially hip mobility. If you want to build strength without weights, do a lot of push-ups and body squats. Focus on your core! Core is one of the biggest, if not the most crucial part when it comes to developing swing speed and a better golf swing. So we can defiantly get through COVID-19 crisis and continue to keep golf in our daily lives than just putting your clubs in the closet for a couple of months until this shit is over with! So for those who are lost just like me, just remember, we are in this together and we will get through this. And as always, Enjoy The Walk!


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