Have we mastered Winter golf attire?

Welp! It is that time of year and the dreaded six-letter word is upon us golf nuts. WINTER! Yup! You heard that right! Winter has arrived and for many of us the season has ended and we have to get through the next 4 months until we can step on a golf course again. Well, for some of us that is. And if you're as crazy as the ETW boys, you will be playing golf as long as there is no snow on the ground and if the ground is not completely frozen. So that must mean multiple layers and restricted swings. But is that necessarily the case? Or have we mastered what to wear while being able to still swing freely like it is still prime season? Let me give you a breakdown of what is needed for them winter rounds without feeling and looking like the Michelin man.

Chrome Dome:

- Obviously, any kind of winter hat will do the trick. Want to make sure those ears are covered. However, I would suggest getting a wooly hat or any winter hat with a fleece lining. Those seem to be the best yet.


- Torso is key and one of the key components to ensuring you will be warm on the course but still having the mobility to make a swing freely with many restrictions. It all comes down to layering and what goes into those layers. I'd recommend 2-3 layers max and nothing more than that. But, the trick to it is to make sure you're layering the torso and not the arms. multiple layers around the arms will restrict you from that free swing. What I like to do is wear just two layers. I found that ThermaJohn thermal fleece compression shirt works best. Pretty much a cheaper Under Armor. As for the top layer or for me the second layer is to make sure that layer is a vest. I like to get either a wool vest or thick quarter zip and then tailor it and cut the sleeves off. The bottom line is keeping your core warm and your arms free.


- The legs can seem to be tricky because golf pants are very thin so you want something to block the wind but allow your legs to stay warm. How do you this you ask? The answer is rain pants and cold gear leggings. Rain pants keep you dry and block the wind and the leggings will keep you warm. You use this combo, you will probably end up sweating even if it is below 32 degrees.


- Warm socks! Socks are key and you want to make sure you are wearing the proper socks. The ground is going to be extremely cold and usually wet so make sure you are wearing thick socks. Instead of doubling up on a pair of crews, I like to wear a pair of cabin socks. They're thick enough to trap in the hot air but thin enough to where your shoes are not too tight and uncomfortable. As for the shoes, make sure you have spike-less golf shoes. Some would question that because of no grip and slipping but here me out. The majority of the time the ground is mostly frozen and just a thin layer of turf gives so getting the spikes to dig into the turf is near non-existent. That and since most of the ground is wet and near freezing, spikes tend to pick up more and you will end up getting ice clumps sticking to the spikes causing more slippage.


- Hand warmers, fleeced pockets, and gloves. Make sure your hands are warm throughout the round. If they are cold, your swing will be off and it will make for a long day!

Well, I think I pretty much covered up the key essentials for staying warm on the golf course during the winter while still being able to swing as if it is prime season! I hope these tips help for those struggling with golf in the winter or just do not know where to start. Besides attire, one of the most important things to stay warm while playing winter golf is to WALK. So layer up (accordingly), grab your sticks, and Enjoy The Walk!

- Dante

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