I saved a bunch of money by switching to footsteps!

It is Monday, March 9th, and I just wrapped up hitting a bucket of balls and walking 9 holes right after work. That's right! Thank you daylight savings time! It is finally that time of year where we lose an extra hour of sleep and start gaining an extra hour of golf. You can't beat that and that is for sure! I am loving every bit of it. The season is upon us. Well, for us here up in the northeast as some of you lucky SOB's get to have golf 365, but allow me to take in this moment. But back to the main point as I could go on a tangent about how much I hate the four seasons and cold weather. So I was able to get out and play a few holes! And let me tell you this; it felt great! Nothing beats a hard day at work at the measly desk job typing and clicking your life away waiting for that bell to ring and you're running out the door heading to the course!

It was a little after five when I arrived at The Deer as some of us like to call it. I headed into the pro shop, said what's up, got my tokens for a couple of buckets, and proceeded to head to the range to work on the game. When I got to the range, I hit a few chips, loosened up the body, and proceeded to work through the bag. However, I will tell you this, I was in NO rush! Why do you ask? Because I knew I was going to WALK! You are probably thinking that since this is "Enjoy The Walk" that I was obviously going to walk and not take a cart. A big part of that is true; however, it can save you money and a lot of anxiety.

As for anxiety, a lot of golfers like to try and play after work; however, they are constantly in a rush. They run out of the office, speed to the course, strap their bag in the cart and go. No warm-up or anything. Just to the tee within minutes and a cold swing. Not the best way to start a round especially when the game is hard enough itself and having the constant thought of when you have to return the cart. Nothing is worse than being the last cart out on the course and having to roll in seeing the club pro and cart barn staff waiting outside so they can clean it up, lock up, and go home. To me, that is one of the most embarrassing things to do on a golf course. Kind of reminds me of the walk of shame. But, if you walk, you are playing at your own risk and can play until you can't see anymore.

We mentioned this before on a previous podcast in regards to walking. It is a great exercise for the mind and body and it also SAVES you MONEY! Think about that for a second. Not only do you not have to rush and can play at your own pace, but you can SAVE MONEY! Can't beat keeping a few extra doll hairs in your pocket. But in all seriousness, if you ask the course if you can walk, they will 99.9% of the time charge you a lower rate and allow you to do so especially during those twilight rounds. Hell, they may even say to go ahead and play a few extra holes if you still have daylight. It takes the stress and anxiety off them having to worry about their property out on the course after dark. They don't give a rats ass about you! So at the end of the day, lace up the boots, 'cause you're about to shoot, probably your highest round yet because you're in a rush and just spent $40 to play 9 holes and that cart has to be in before dark and now you're chasing the sun... Just get out and go walk 9 holes and let me know how it went. And as always Enjoy The Walk

- Dante

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