Push Cart, Stand Bag, or Sunday Carry Which do you choose?

At ETW, we encourage walking. I mean, hell, we preach it. We are Enjoy The Walk But our recent discussion, I sit down with Dalton and discuss which way I would prefer when walking a golf course. Which do I choose and what do I think about each method. Again, if you decide to walk a golf course when you play 9, 18, or even 36, walking a golf course is one of golf's purest forms. It is how the game is meant to be played. Back in the day, a golfer would grab their bag, throw the strap on their shoulder, and get stepping. Today, there are hundreds of styles of bags to choose from and pushcarts are really making the scene. So which is best or which should you prefer? Is it the old school Sunday Carry? Is it your typical dual strap bookbag style stand bag? Or do you take your bag and strap it to a pushcart and follow the pushcart mafia? I will break down my own opinion of the pros and cons of each three methods and provide to you which I would prefer. This is all based on my experience and what equipment I am using out on the course enjoying the walk. So lets get into it!

Sunday Carry:

Model: Jones Original

Pros: Extremely lightweight. Minimal pockets to carry less. It can fit 14 clubs.

Cons: Single strap can weigh on one shoulder. No stand so you're constantly bending up and down to pick up the bag.

Stand Bag:

Model: 2014 Ping 4 Series Stand Bag

Pros: Lightweight. Decent amount of pockets. Bookbag strap for easy carrying.

Cons: Slightly heavier than a Sunday carry bag. Limited pockets so if you're trying to carry more items than normal, space can be limited.

Push Cart:

Model: Clicgear 3.5+

Pros: No need to carry the bag when walking 18. It can fit pretty much any size bag. Rolls smoothly. A ton of attachments for purchase such as cooler bags, covers, foot brushes, device attachments, etc. Great for extremely hot weather.

Cons: A lot to take with you when heading to play golf including a golf bag. Takes up some trunk space. Depending on how heavy the bag or the amount attachments or "sodas" you're carrying, you can be pushing a lot of weight. Extra steps walking a course since the cart is not allowed on greens and you will have to walk around them.

So the question comes as to which should you use or which is the preferred method? As a frequent walker, a golfer should use every method. Sunday carry bags are great especially for those late afternoon rounds and if you're looking to carry less and maybe play 9 holes. Stand bags are essential for all bags. You can carry a great number of necessities of what is needed when playing golf and can be easily strapped to a cart. If it is cart path only or walking only, you're not out of luck as if you were using a cart or staff bag. The stand bag is the all-around golf bag. Pushcarts are great for extremely hot weather and if you're not looking to carry the weight on your shoulders. It all comes down to mood and time of day and conditions being played. If you can access all three, I think those are essential to have.

For me, I am a minimalist and like to carry as little as possible so I am a toss-up between the Sunday carry and stand bag. If I could have the size of a Mackenzie Bag of Jones Golf Sunday carry with the ping hoofer stands and straps, I would never change my bag. Until I can find one, I will be bouncing back forth between all three. Well, I hope that could help answer any unanswered questions or hope you enjoyed my opinion and would love to hear your thoughts. As always find what best works for you and Enjoy The Walk!


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