The Walker's Creed
by Dalton Deardorff

I believe in Golf.

The perfect game that will never be.

Creator of joy and heartache.

I believe in sweeping dew with my bag on my shoulder.

The game; conceived by the power of old Tom Morris,

I was born to move these feet.

I vow to suffer under poor conditions.

Even when my lie may be buried; I promise to stride forward.

With the faith that I’ll play again. Alongside old friends or complete strangers;


I will not settle for tires and a steering wheel.

On the grounds of keeping my heart happy and soul full.  

I believe that one day my walk will end;

Yet until that day comes;

I’ll lift my bag with pride.

Ever respecting the game.

Leaving your path better than before.

Fore golf is everlasting.


The Creation of the Creed 

Our founder Dalton Deardorff has played the game of golf since the age of 5. He always was able to see the joy in walking every golf course he played, mostly by choice but sometimes because it was his only option as he couldn't afford the cart fees as a child. 

It dawned on Dalton during a casual round with his father that there was something deeper to the game of golf than just hitting a little white ball around a well-manicured field for a few hours. 

Over the next few days, Dalton sat out to write a "Creed" that would be a set of beliefs or means in which would guide him throughout his future with the game of golf.